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Music Video: "my decision"

Zombiekiller Split #1 - Fifty50 sings german! march 07
The ZombieKillerCompany the compilation "Zombiekiller Split #1" with 3 german punk songs each by Sick Sinus, Etschmoilkröte, Bikinimusik and Fifty50.
As we messed it up, Fifty50-like, to record new songs for it but really wanted to be on this cd, we took 3 old songs and put new vocals on it - in german! Here you can download 2 of the songs already:
Fifty50 - Schöne Neue Welt
Fifty50 - Im Arsch
and 1 song of the other 3 bands:
Sick Sinus - Sonnenschein
Etschmoilkröte - Wieso? Warum?
Binkinimusik - Schön sein

Album "2" for downland, Holger & Tilo caught "cheating" march 07
Now you can download every song from our second album for free! Enjoy.
After Tilo joined Etschmoilkröte (also known as Etsche) last year, now Holger also joined Sick Sinus. Looking forward to what's going to happen here..

New photo gallery dec 05
As you can see on the 3 random photos above, we a have new gallery with us and others posing in all kinds of possible and impossible positions. Have fun browsing through the gallery and leave a comment under a photo if you feel like it. >> to the gallery

FIFTY50 Records / L.E.Artist dezember 05
Since we founded FIFTY50 in 1998 we take care of all band activities by ourselves like internet, graphics, video, booking and since 2004 also audio recording. Our gathered DIY-experience is now also being passed on to others. Meanwhile these bands already recorded in our studio: Short Rhythm, Etschmoilkröte, FluchtWG, Sick Sinus and Maegashira. More ->

The Rise of the 50 Kings Tour dezember 05
Our next tour is coming closer and the schedule is filling up. We will also play a few shows on the british island. We will play 3 shows with Valdez (Bristol, England) and 2 shows with A Lost Generaton (Fife, Schottland). We are currently working on a replacement for the Hell City Kings (Houston, Texas, USA) as they had to cancel unfortunately.

FIFTY50 party in Leipzig: 111st show on 11/11 october 05
We celebrate our 111st show on the Nov 11 back home in Leipzig at Lichtwirtschaft. For only 2 Euro there will be another band (Short Rhythm, SkaPunk, Disco with DJ Atom and the release of our 2nd Album... So see you there.

NUSU FAYA TOUR: tour diary & tour photos june 05

The tour is over, the 10 shows went by like a flash. We really enjoyed every single day. Everything worked out, we still like each other and we received overwhelming feedback. Thanks to everyone we met and who helped. But see for yourself in our diary, we posed as hard as we could for you viewing pleasure. pure homie style: NUSU FAYA TOUR DIARY

video "my decision" / US tour april 05
There you go. we finished our music video - watch (click "play" button).

The song will appear on our upcoming record which just must be out by early june.
In june we will reward ourselves with a musical adventure through Texas, Louisana, Mississippi, Tenessee, Arkansas und Oklahoma with our friends of Sattori from Texas.

New album, video and "world" tour march 05
Even though we don't appear on any stages right now, FIFTY50 is highly productive. We finished the first 4 songs for the new album and shot a video for "my decision" which we currently edit. We plan to finish the album by may. Also, we are planning several shows between may and july, some of them will lead us abroad. Check back for details later ...
a new world | democrazy | fake reality | in the air | really | to our leaders
FIFTY50 tabs februar 05
After several request for the tabs of "a new world" some tabs actually appeared thanks to Schubi and Holger. Have fun playing.
a new world | democrazy | fake reality | in the air | really | to our leaders
Fotos studio & video recordings february 05
... see more photos

--> what happened previously ...
Album "2" (2005)

Das zweite, selbst produzierte, Album könnte ihr euch komplett und kostenlos hier runterladen. Viel Spaß damit.
Album "1" (2001)

seit April 2001 ist sie draussen, unser erstes Album mit 13 Liedern, aufgenommen im Herbst '99 und '00.


Since 2004 Säsh upgraded our rehearsal studio in to a recording studio. Meanwhile he recorded bands like Spiltside (Sweden), FluchtWG, Sick Sinus, Maegashira, Etschmoilkröte, Pepe Mula, Unter Strom, Short Rhythm as well as HipHop by Imun and Easy. If If you are interessed in recording inthe holy FIFTY50 headquarter ->

  fall 1998
band members
  Benne (b.) - Holger (guit.) - Marcus (dr.) - Sääsh (voc.) - Tilo (guit.)
  2001 - "1" (full-length album)
2005 - "2" (full-length album)

FIFTY50 on

Etschmoilkröte vegan basement punk
SickSinus punkrock!
Maladjusted punk rock
SOC hip hop crew
Max Power singalong-funkpunk'n'roll-trash
Farmers Boulevard hardcore
PCS Records hardcore label
girl punkrock
sixpoundgod metalcore
Die Tornados ska
Full Speed Ahead hardcore
Backseats punk'n'roll
FluchtWG rock
Boing crossover
Roter Stern Leipzig soccer club
Velocity Sounds Rec. label
Urban Souls skate community

Born Cool
rock'n'roll (R.I.P.)
((tam)) rock'n'roll (R.I.P.)
L.E. Artist event&booking agency (R.I.P.)
S.U.F.F. chaos (R.I.P.)

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