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live in Dresden, september 15 2000

This was our first show after 6 weeks. We did have one week to practice but it turned out that we only played the set once due to long discussions about changing the world and lack of time. Apart from some minor mistakes we played a good show and most importantly we had a lot of fun. When we pack our stuff before we took off too Dresden Maladjusted moved into a our practice room to record their new CD, since our place used to be a recording studio before it went broke (I hope this is not a sign). It was our first gig in Dresden which should be a well known city. It's the capitol of the state of saxony and it takes about 1 hour to get there from Leipzig. We were afraid that it would take a lot longer since the truckers announced to strike and block the autobahn for a few hours due to the high diesel price. That didn't happened but we got stuck in a heavy traffic jam because Dresdens seems to repair all streets at the same time. About the show, we played with 2 bands. One of them were the stars or "Die Stars" from Dresden, so they were meant be the headliners. We got to take the first spot and started to play shortly before midnight. At the end of our show, they were about 100 people there, maybe a little less. We didn't know anyway since the spot lights were so close to the stage that we only saw a black nothing. The band afterwards "Plaste" managed to empty the show room but the stars came and the audience came back. We got to know them as very nice, ordinary people but at showtime they transformed into, well, into stars. They wore make-up and special uniforms and played a very special show.
special incidents: - Benne got bitten by a dog as him and Saash encountered a dog outside and Benne said "There's a fifty50 chance that this dog bites". He was right... t