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live in Leipzig, moritzbastei - sept 29, 2000


This night was named "neighbourhood" because it featured 3 Bands from Leipzig. The location was the "moritzbastei" which was part of a defense wall of the medival Leipzig. It was dug out by students in the 70s and used as student club ever since. It's said to be the europe's biggest student club. The show took place in a part of the club called "barrel". The night started with Microphoenics which is a local hip hop crew (our third show with them). Then, our friends from Maladjusted played their set and got celebrated by the crowd (ca. 200 people). This will be a hard fight for Leipzig's punkrock crown. Then, we entered the stage and returned to the place where we played our first real show 1 1/2 ago. As the highlight members of the 3 bands joined onstage and played a couple of songs. We had 2 drumsets set up. Since we only met once before it ended up in a jam but turned it allright and who knows, maybe there will be a second time. t