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live in Oberwiesenthal, october 07, 2000

Punkrocknight #1

On the national day of former east germany (we were raised in that system until the wall came down) and saash's birthday we were invited to O'thals first punkrocknight. O'thal is a small town in the mountains right at the foot of east germany's highest mountain (1,500 meters). It's the number 1 destination for Leipzig's snowboarders. Though this time there was no snow we took the 2-hour-drive with our instruments in the back. When we took off in Leipzig with 2 cars it rained already and we got involved in our own car collision. Apart from a few bumps not much happened and we arrived in O'thal around 8pm. When we carried our stuff in the youth club there were already bunch of people and the party already started. After resting for about 10 minutes were told that the other bands weren't complete yet so we had to play the first spot. We begged but we couldn't help it so we ended up on stage a few minutes after we arrived. After a record-breaking soundcheck we already played the first song and the kids moshed from the start. Dancing, falling down, being picked up again. That was fun to look at. That doesn't happened to us that often. The gig was over before it started and we all knew this was a lot of fun. We took our stuff to the cars and took off shortly after. So to say, we arrived, played our show, and took off - just like Michael Jackson without a helicopter. If everything works out we'll play in O'thal again in february and then there will be snow. t