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live in Leipzig, Tonelli's Blues Bar - jan 26 2001

Once again, we had a show in our hometown Leipzig. This must have been our 8th show here. This time we played at a place we never played at before. The place is called "Tonelli's Blues Bar" and is located in downtown right across the former headquarter of the east german security service "Stasi". After the show it was a pleasure to take a piss at the building (even thought 11 years after the big change the last touch of something forbidden and dangerous has worn off but with enough fantasy I imagined to do something revolutionary anyway). This show was for the 10th edition of the monthly event "Heavy Metal - nix im Scheddel" which means something like "Heavy Metal - nothing in your head" (well, it rhymes in german). So far, only metal bands played there and the band that was supposed to play this night had to cancel so we were asked to play there and of course we said yes. Several metal dudes showed up and even if we didn't fit their music taste, there were 2 metal DJs (Stewa and Reaper) who entertained them allright. Also, there is a little metal head in all of us so it was ok. Lots of friends and fifty50 lovers showed up so in the end there were more than a hundred people there who packed the small club decently. In the end it turned out to be one of the best concerts we had (if it wasn't the best). So we felt really good as we packed the equipment into our band bus (which had it's premiere today) and then we almost got into some trouble with some guys who just left the JAM across the street. JAM is a disco club in Leipzig for people who like solarium tan, tight muscle shirts, gold chains, a ice-cool look on their face, tuned cars and a really bad music taste just to throw in some cliches. With a difficult life and after some beers the aggressiveness level rises indirectly proportionally compared to their IQ. Though, after facing another for a while showing how strong each of us are, everything calmed down and nothing happened. The way it should be. After all, it was a wonderful night in a cool club and the best reward for the "work" we put into fifty50. t