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FIFTY50 in the studio - FIFTY50 Records december 04
After return to the stage this weekend after 6 months we will use the upcoming time together to record new Song. After all, Säsh set up his own recording studio this year (FIFY50 Records) which is at the same time our rehearsal place. We'd been thinking for a while where the connection is - studio, we make music, studio, we make music - I got it! Why don't we record our songs in the studio!?! Well, some one has to think of it eventually. We started off this week with an accoustic version of an old smasher from 1998 ("what really counts"). Check it out:
lied runterladen / anhören "what really counts" (real media) text lesen text lesen
lied runterladen / anhören "what really counts" (windows media) text lesen text lesen
Fotos "L.E. Rockcity" Festival december 04
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FIFTY50 music und merch stuff at Devil Connection
Our stuff is still available at Devil Connectio.

FIFTY50 live on air on a german radio station mai 2004
On may 23rd, Holger and Marcus were co-hosts of the punkshow SUBjektiv at Radio Corax. They also managed to music selection (NoFX, Rancid, Fabulous Disaster, FIFTY50, 59 Times the Pain, Born Cool, Boing, Anti-Flag, The Living End, Shit in the Corner). You can listen to the complete show here for (careful, the interview parts are in german):
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FIFTY50 Records: new studio production may 2004
There was a new production in our studio: Short Rhytmn recorded 8 skapunk songs produced by Säsh. More infomation about FIFTY50 Records coming up soon.
Наша музыка? Панк-рок. + CHUMBAWAMBA! may2004
Europe is moving east and so do we but a step farther. We are featured on the ukrainian music site Lexiton. Click and update your russian.
Furthermore, we have a show with the widely known anarchist pop group Chumbawama in Dresden, Germany end of this month
Bratpack Tour 2004 may 2004
A big chunk of the tour through east germany is done and we had a lot of fun. The final show of the tour will be on may 27th. You can listen to the radio jingle if you like.
We'd like to thank Born Cool, Boing, Geschmeide-Ole, Nilo Nilsen, Steffi and us. Click on the pic to the left for some fotos
KOH CHANG GANG - song number 3 & 4 online!!! märz 2004
Faster than lightning. 2 more smash hits from the gang Check it out! Enjoy! Click here: KOH CHANG GANG
Rolling into 2004 feb 2004

The new year started and the 5 of us are united again so we will be playing a few shows until june. Currently we are on tour with Born Cool and Boing. Some other concerts are in the planning, but nothing cofirmed yet ...
What else? Our singer Sääsh is currently turning our rehearsal room (were are renting out a former recording studio) into a recording studio. In january, we and a few friends recorded some songs spontaenously during nightly session - the KOH CHANG GANG was born. More about this later.
In March we want to record new songs for FIFTY50. This time we don't go to a professional Studio. We are saving the money and record everything on our own. Undergroundstyle, yeah.
Since january we use our rehearsal rooms according to its original purpose because the FIFTY50 homebase is located in a former recording studio. When we decided to record the next songs on our own to save money, that's when Säsh found his mission in setting up his own recording studio.
Only 3 days later some old and new equipment was plugged-in and the first trial-and-error recordings could begin. This is when a project, which was found in Asia last year, learned walking:
Click on the name for more information about the gang. Every 2 weeks you can download a new song there !!! Let's get it on with "underwaterdiving"
'The BRAT PACK Tour' february/march 2004 nov 2003
We will be back fully fledged next year as we go on tour with the Leipzig's new Rock'n'Roll Heroes BORN COOL and BOING. More dates in the planning. Visit the tour page here:

06.02.2004 Zwickau, Alter Gasometer
07.02.2004 Dresden, Titty Twister
12.02.2004 Jena, Kassablanca
13.02.2004 Chemnitz, AJZ
21.02.2004 Altenburg, Music Hall
28.02.2004 Gotha Slaughterhouse
10.04.2004 Halberstadt, Zora
double pack Grimma / Altenburg oct 2003
On 25 October 03 we played the first concert at 8pm in Grimma as a fund-raiser for a 'forest pirate camp' for children infected with cancer (newspaper article) 2 hours later we played another show in Altenburg.
Live in Halle/Saale with SITC jun 2003
pictures from the last concert in Halle (D) in a tropically heated club with the great "Shit in the corner" ... see the pix

november 2002
We record 3 songs ("fake reality", "so far so good", "democrazy?") for the new demo cd.
september 2002
Flood all over europe. Especially Saxony (the state where we live) was hit big time. We played 4 fund-raiser shows.
august 2002
After Europe's biggest punkrock festival Force Attack in july we also play at the Endless Summer festival.
july 2002
After our first album is growing a beard we slowly start focusing on the new album.
We renewed our webpage, the old version (including some content you won't see here anymore) is still available here.
march/april 2002

Spreat over 4 weeks, we had the unique chance to support the legendary band from Leipzig on their final tour:Think About Mutation ((tam)) .
A big, no a huge, band says farewell without getting the deserved recognition. For us this is our first tour taking us to places in Germany like Hamburg, Rostock, Zwickau, Cottbus, Jena, Dresden and Leipzig combined with lots of fun and experiences. pics from tour: