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ALBUM "2" (2005)
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ALBUM "1" (2001)
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a new world

everyone's trying to have a good life
without sharing, we need to grow up
so many among us live to increase their wealth
it wouldn't hurt to give
a half of their millions to the people
who really need it instead of their heirs
this ego trip makes me sick
your highclass cars and clothes mean shit
pieces of puzzle is what we are
stil we are driving the same car
so take your money and help building a new world

no one needs pool partys every day
no one needs a golden ashtray
as long as people are starving, it's not far away
all you care about is money, money, money
cause you don't like the life you have got
so you buy your fun and holidays in the sun
I guess no one thinks about it
what will our children get out of this
they forget how to really live
being born in a world of greed
c'mon man, let's build a new world

words: Sääsh - october 2000