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ALBUM "2" (2005)
unwritten future | neverdreamsatnightjonny | my decision | so far so good '02 | destination unknown | space cadet | back to earth 2005 | only for you | what really counts | fake reality | democrazy | you can do it | to our leaders

ALBUM "1" (2001)
really | don't hesitate | in the air | away from home | be a cop | days from now | day x | spring time | starting all over again |
what we know now | back to earth | nature | a new world

seeight-seeing tour '01 | say yes '03 |

back to earth
sitting on my old abused couch sinking throne in all that mess
browse my pockets for some change to visit sammys for food
and tomorrow rent is due and I have no clue of
how to pay or what to do its like the thrill of living's through
It's getting dark

lightning strikes, horizon glows green
alien encounter the vision Ive seen
don`t wanna stay don`t wanna stay
don`t wanna stay take me far away

now Im sitting in a space ship and I`m looking down on earth
no regrets, I won`t come back, full of hope, alien smokes dope
now I sit on the alien's couch its old abused and full of green dook
and I dont like their plastic food I'm thinking back when I was home
it`s getting dark

where ever you are, dont let yourself down until it feels like home
stay with your friends, theyll be by your side
stay with your friends, you won't be alone

words: Tilo, Sääsh - november 1998