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ALBUM "2" (2005)
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ALBUM "1" (2001)
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days from now

I can't believe we still sit here
as the CD starts over again (for the fifth time)
it's the music of this night, kind and understanding
carrying the sincerity between us
what an extraordinary night
together for us, just like that, unexpected
we were found in a state of honesty, sympathy and therapy
what will remain when we wake up
to pursue the tasks of everyday life?

the music became a soundtreck for this state of mind
a cosy feeling I want to keep inside
don't give it away like we do when we forget
ideals that seemed so strong and right at that time

years from now are days from then
it still feels the same and I sing this song again
time stands still, eternity for this moment
we resisted the escape from ourselves
which alienates us - a dream dies
in our short lives, still dreaming
days from now...

words: Tilo, Holger - december 1999