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ALBUM "2" (2005)
unwritten future | neverdreamsatnightjonny | my decision | so far so good '02 | destination unknown | space cadet | back to earth 2005 | only for you | what really counts | fake reality | democrazy | you can do it | to our leaders

ALBUM "1" (2001)
really | don't hesitate | in the air | away from home | be a cop | days from now | day x | spring time | starting all over again |
what we know now | back to earth | nature | a new world

seeight-seeing tour '01 | say yes '03 |


Here comes neverdreamsatnightjonny
This is the best day of his life
Today his mission suicide
Today he wants to die
He gets up and spreads his arms
Throught the open window he takes a jump
He lands on the lap of a fat lady
She gives him breakfast right away
Suddenly he jumps up
And speeds out to the broad busy road
Like driven by mad cows disease
He asks the cars run over me please
The road comes closer and so does the truck
The light turns red it stops to drive
Jonny is pissed - he's still alive

Now he needs a coffee
While he works out the next plan
Good ideas don't come easy
But the day has just begun
A new thought let the tracks be his last resting place
The train surely will be late
Bowel movement won't wait
Zoom - he sees the train go by
Shit, now what, there is a new meaning to his life
When even the train won't come on time
There really is no need to whine
Fuck it, this was just a test
He won´t give it, give it no rest

He jumps off the highest building he can find
He's happy to save the money for a parachute
On the way down he aims for a trampoline
Fly Jonny fly, today you just don't seem to die
He bounces back and breaks the world record
Now he is famous because no one jumped to the moon before
Jonny looks down on earth with a tear in his eye
As a human comet he will never die

He was right, there's no need to whine
Today Jonny dreamt for the first time

words: FIFTY50 - january 2001