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ALBUM "2" (2005)
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ALBUM "1" (2001)
really | don't hesitate | in the air | away from home | be a cop | days from now | day x | spring time | starting all over again |
what we know now | back to earth | nature | a new world

seeight-seeing tour '01 | say yes '03 |

seight-seeing Tour

We take this life as it comes
On a quest for the right way constantly
Not always straight ahead
Sometimes it turns to the left
Sometimes it turns to the right
Along nice homes, sometimes inside
Through dark back streets
Through broad avenues

Don't turn around, you just might come back
But not the same way,
you're moving all the time so get, get rid of the map
have a smoke and hit the road

Take a look at your neighbourhood
And the people living there
Then you come to a crossroad
You might have to leave your companions behind
You follow a new vision
Be sure some one will accompany you
So we go our ways
A distant goal in front of us sometimes
Wearing blinkers leaving crossroads behind
But sure enough we'll find new things
And hopefully good old friends

words: Benne - january 2001