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ALBUM "2" (2005)
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ALBUM "1" (2001)
really | don't hesitate | in the air | away from home | be a cop | days from now | day x | spring time | starting all over again |
what we know now | back to earth | nature | a new world

seeight-seeing tour '01 | say yes '03 |

space cadet

born in a world light years away
planet ruled by war
too hard to survive here too hard stay
nobody left who cares about him
just wants to break through
got his dope inside his ship now it's time to go

space cadet - looking for hope
space cadet - looking for peace

with the speed of light he boosts through galaxies
dreaming of a better world but war is all he sees
cruising from planet to planet resisting the enemies
he doesn't know it better, violence is all he breaths

and then one day he found the strongest magic in the universe
now he will just fly back home and found his own world

words: Eddy - march 1999