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ALBUM "2" (2005)
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ALBUM "1" (2001)
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unwritten future

Thousands of years in history, I was born 25 years ago
When the world was divided by an iron curtain, the cold war
I grew up in a happy childhood and they called it socialism
Before I realized the wall came down and put us into capitalism
Technical development is exploding, fast times by globalisation
Now Europe is uniting, yet another currency for this nation

Childhood doesn't seems so far away
And nothing in the world is here to stay
Societies and people come and go
2001, 2002 - time flies by before you know

when I was little my parents had to wait 18 years for a car
today the car you drive shows what type of person you are
when I was little the tv set had no remote control
today we got tiny cell phones and internet where ever we go
when I was little nature’s ressources seemed inexhaustible
today overpopulation and industrialisation, the collapse seems unstoppable
when I was little many countries were poor but I didn’t know
today the rich and the poor drift apart even more, now I know

where will it end, where has it begun
so important we are circling around the sun
calm and angry and happy and sad
our future has to be written yet

just twenty generations ago great cultures were blooming
and Europe was a dark place, it's great times way behind
centuries later they went on a mission to colonize
the ones that see with the divine will to open the eyes of the blind
cultures and traditions died like playing games with history
holy wars, civil wars, world wars, economy crisis in between
now the almighty west shows the backwards rest the right way
but as we know every power some day fades away

words: Tilo - september 2001