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ALBUM "2" (2005)
unwritten future | neverdreamsatnightjonny | my decision | so far so good '02 | destination unknown | space cadet | back to earth 2005 | only for you | what really counts | fake reality | democrazy | you can do it | to our leaders

ALBUM "1" (2001)
really | don't hesitate | in the air | away from home | be a cop | days from now | day x | spring time | starting all over again |
what we know now | back to earth | nature | a new world

seeight-seeing tour '01 | say yes '03 |

what really counts

one day he was born in this world
and people told him what to say and do
his road of life was set up from the start
straight forward he never changed the lane
all expectations he fulfilled
oh, everybody is so proud of him
sometimes he leans back for a while
he closes his eyes wishing he could smile

life wasn't always easy for her
and the next day seemed so far away
they say everybody needs to follow the rules
even you little girl, that's the way it goes
but today was a good day, they won't understand
don't care about their conservative life
sometimes she leans back for a while
she closes her eyes, on her face smile

words: Tilo, Sääsh - february 1999 - drawing by Titus (Maladjusted)